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The Most Beautiful Swimwear & Swimsuits for the Summer 2014!

Gorgeous summer open up one of our favourite sports – not tennis, but going to beach. Of course this includes swimwear shopping and we stick to online shops, as choice and prices are much better, plus with free shipping and returns you can really have a pick. If you can’t exactly squeeze in your favourite swimsuit, don’t despair – visit WeightWatchers and join today, it’s only $1 to join and you can save A$68.65 on 6 months plan. for me, this sounds like an awesome deal, and I guess I don’t have what to lose by give it a try. Well, of course I expect to lose some wight.

Now back to what we’ll squeeze in. Choosing a perfect swimwear was always linked to mystical skill of knowing what fit to your body shape. There are a number of articles about it. I won’t go into it, but rather give you suggestion of a few brands and show you some awesome new season models. Here is my favourite pick of top swimwear for the Summer 2014!

Seafolly really stands out this season, again. You can beautiful pieces, from bikinis to one-piece that will compliment your body and look chic and trendy on any Australian beach.




Jets Swimwear is synonyms for the amazing elegance and quality, but Tory Burch is new trend from 2013, and it will continue to amaze us in 2014.



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